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  • Catholic Families

    Looking for some help in fulfilling your sacred duty of passing on the faith to your children? Or simply renewing yourself?
    Here are a few that might just help!

    Catholic Parenting - includes prayers for parents, for those who hope to become parents, busy parents, and coloring page for kids!

    Catholic Digest - articles relating to family, faith, well-being, good works, even travel! Including articles such as: "20 ways to get more from the Mass," "8 keys to keeping kids Catholic," "Keeping the faith at college," and
    "Read the Bible?Me?" to mention just a few.

    Catholic Kids -  how to pray the rosary with pictures.

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  • Daily Audio 
    Prayer  & Music

    See our link for Daily Audio Prayer and Music and more information. Pray-as-you-go.org provides a short music and prayer service daily. 

    Please visit the site to check out other wonderful things.

  • Quiet Heroism


    Quiet Heroism: Remembering our young women who entered the convent
    Produced by the Westphalia Historical Society; this book recognizes the women of Westphalia who entered the convent.
    It is available for $6.00.
    There is a shipping charge.
    For further information, please
    contact the Westphalia Historical Society .

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